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Slappy board

Slap your colleagues to death!

  • Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

Aztlan Uncovered

Discover the secret of the Mayan temple.

SneaKEY Mummy

Save your beloved mummy lover

Red de Paling / Save the Eel

Learn more about eels

Slappy Board., showing a jurassic theme with a dinosaur.

Slappy Board

  • Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds

Slappy Board is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where one person plays the game using a VR headset and the other person controls the keyboard. There will be a couple of tasks the VR player will have to do and the keyboard player will try and make it as difficult as possible to do those tasks. This game was made for the Epic Megajam 2019 and we are still working on this project to release it on steam early 2022.

Download and play our gamejam version of the game of Slappy Board here

A temple in Slappy Inc's Aztlan Uncovered

Aztlan Uncovered

Aztlan Uncovered is a third person adventure/puzzle/exploration game featuring a young explorer setting out to uncover the secrets that lay hidden in the tropical oasis. Use your equipment and your wit to reveal the past and enter the temple to uncover the secrets. This game was made during the Springjam 2020

Download and play our gamejam version of the game of Aztlan Uncovered here

A shot of the museum in sneaKEY mummy of several dinosaurs.

SneaKEY Mummy

Sneakey Mummy is a third person adventure/puzzle game. Due to an unknown event you woke up from a long slumber inside a sarcophagus at a museum and your mummy friend is still sleeping next to you. Search the museum for keys, dodge guards and solve puzzles to free your friend from his coffin so you can spend the rest of eternity together. This game was made for the Epic Megajam 2020

Download and play our gamejam version of the game of SneaKEY Mummy here

Start screen of the game: Save The Eel

Red de Paling / Save the Eel

For the “Dag van de Wetenschap”, an online event hosted in Belgium, Palingmigratie VLIZ was looking for a gamified application that would show the path an eel would take to the Sargasso Sea. With this project, they want to draw attention to a research by Ugent & VLIZ on eel migration in Flemish waterways. We created this project in 1-2 months and the customer was very enthusiastic with the result.

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The team

Slappy Inc. is a young startup consisting of 3 motivated game developers. Having a couple years of experience working in the same company, we decided to shape our own path. We are ambitious and always go the extra mile for our projects. Contact us on info@slappyinc.com and let’s work on something great.

Our projects range from interactive projects, VR, AR and gamified web experiences.

Slappy Inc. Team

Why choose us?

We take a very communicative approach with our projects. A startup meeting and a few milestones in between the deadline is usually how the flow goes for our projects. This way the customer can provide valuable feedback for the greater good of the product we deliver. Efficiency is another key skill we value very high. We find a good balance between a realistic scope and budget to make sure nobody ends disappointed. At the end of the ride, we ask if the customer is happy with their product that we delivered and we strive for a happy and good response.